After your order is placed, you will be contacted if additional information is needed. Such as custom logo or other design aspects.
You will be provided with a 3D rendering of the enclosure. You will be required to approve the design before it is built.
Shipping is NOT included in the purchase price. After the enclosure is built and shipping is calculated, you will receive a second invoice to pay for shipping.

Product Information

Each Surge Audio enclosure is custom-made upon placing an order. You will be contacted after placing to order to gather information such as design requests, enclosure tuning/airspace, and dimensions. Your LvL 1 enclosure will be dispatched within 7-14 business days from the date of your order. Please note that delays may occur if essential information is missing from our original request. Thank you.


Standard LvL 1 Enclosures Include:

  • Single Color Perimeter Wrap - Marine Vinyl
  • 0.75" MDF Construction
Availability: Built To Order: 1-2 Weeks
Current Stock:
SKU: 124-1-8

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