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About Us

Surge Audio was founded with the goal of providing superior products at reasonable prices. While that may sound a bit cliché as it is likely the goal of any number of companies, our customers and industry present some unique challenges in attaining that goal.

Building superior products requires that we have the experience in the industry to incorporate the latest technologies. It requires that we listen to what our customers want so that we can build the products they want. Our customers are extremely knowledgeable, discerning, and highly passionate individuals so we need to be that as well.

Offering our products at reasonable prices requires that we be constantly vigilant in keeping costs under control and that we continually evaluate and maintain efficiencies in our operations. We can measure our success by being able to offer a lower cost per watt than the competition.

But the ability to provide superior customer service and support both prior to and after the sale is critically important to customer satisfaction levels regardless of product quality. Our goal is to provide our customers with easy access to a process that will provide timely assistance and answers to their questions whether they be technical or simple clarifications or simply receiving valuable feedback. Sharing knowledge about our products with our customers and community is something we love to do. And for those rare instances where such is needed for post-sale support, we are proud to offer an industry-best factory warranty so that our customers need not purchase extended warranties for special coverages.

We recognize that the level of confidence in the company itself is often a critical factor in the buying decision for a customer. To reinforce that confidence, we will strive to demonstrate that the outcome of our continued success in achieving our goals will be that our company will attain the financial stability to weather any downturn in the economy and fulfill our long-term growth potential.

We feel it is important that we strive to support the audio community that has supported us and our products so well. After all, what better way to generate loyalty from our customers than by showing authentic loyalty to them?

But all these paragraphs can really be reduced to a few simple words to describe our values and aspirations. Here at Surge Audio, we will strive to Be Better at everything we do.